SQL Mobile 2005 – Editing Table Data

In SQL Server CE 2.0 it was always painful to create the mobile database, and populate the data. However, with SQL Mobile 2005 and VS.NET 2005 Microsoft has come a long way to making the SQL Mobile database much easier to manage. While creating a new database is pretty well document, editing the table records is more obscure.

While developing the database is handled easily in the Microsoft SQL Server Management Studio, editing the database records requires VS.NET 2005. The “trick” to editing the database table is to use the Server Explorer (View->Server Exploer) in VS.NET to open the table for editing.

The first set is to add a Data Connection to add your mobile database to the project. This can be done by selecting the Data Connections option in the Server Explorer and choosing on the “Add Connection…” option in the pop-up menu. This will launch the “Add Connection dialog which you can use to specify the location and password of the database. For this example I am using the NorthWinds.sdf mobile database.

Add Connection - Northwinds

Once the Data Connection is successfully added you can now use the Server Explorer window to examine the various properties of the database. In order to open a table to edit, you must first expand the Table tree to see a list of all of the tables that are in the current database.

Server Explorer - Northwinds Database

Finally by selecting the table and choosing “Open” for the pop-up menu (right mouse) you can open the table and start editing. In this case I chose the customer database table.

Edit the Customer Table

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