Verizon Online – Denial of Service

Recently I thought I’d update my Linksys Router to a new Linksys router so I could have 802.11g in the house.  Unfortunately this has turned in to a nightmare with my Verizon DSL connection. 

When I initially switched the boxes, I started to get the message:

 Verizon Online – Denial of Service

Unable to Access the Verizon Online Network

You may be experiencing difficulty accessing the Verizon Online Network for the following reasons:

  • Your Verizon Online account has been suspended due to a billing-related matter.
    Please login to review your billing information.
  • There may be some techincal difficulty related to your equipment or Verizon Online account.
    For help with technical issues, please contact Technical Support at 1-800-567-6789 for Residential or 1-888-649-9500 for Business.

For further details, please click here.

If you continue to experience problems connecting to the Verizon Online Network, you may contact us to assist you in resolving the issue.


However, if I swapped back the original router, all was fine.  So the first guess was that they had some kind of filter to prevent multiple devices on the same circuit.  So I decided to leave the router disconnected overnight and try swapping it out.  Then neither router would work, and the pain was just starting.

Though the curious part of it, is that everything is correctly connected, I can ping websites, and doing everything except stuff that requires Port 80. 

The Painful call to Verizon Support 

Obviously, it was time to call Verizon where I got stuck with a Level 1 tech and their script who wanted me to do all of their un-related diagnostics to solve any general problem.

  1. Check that my account is not suspended.  It isn’t, website also says this. 
  2. Connect the DSL Router to another computer and try it.  Of course this requires a complete network configuration of the laptop, but oh well.
  3. Reset the router, (down to the basement, back to the office), reset it wait longer (back down, back up)
  4. Reset the username and password, by the way that all resets the POP client password..
  5. Delete all of the Cookies, Files, and History…
  6. Hmm, you must need a new router, I’ll send you to DSL Billing to get one.Â
    • Me: Hey I don’t see why I should buy a new router because you’re blocking my traffic.
    • Her: No, there’s a problem with the firmware and security is locked, we’ll get you a free replacement.  I’ll connect DSL billing..
    • Me: Er, ok…
  7. Dropped out to the main menu, Find an operator since there is no good option, wait in the queue, ….

Now I get a new DSL billing guy, I tell him my number, he looks at my record and tells me I need to buy a new router.  I explained that my router is fine and they were causing the problem so they should provide one.  After all it worked with the old Linksys box until I swapped them.  But alas no, so I told him I’d think about canceling DSL, he said ok, and I hung up.

So there’s two hours wasted.

Now it gets a little stranger.  I connect another Router I had from a previous fiasco, hook up the old router and it starts working.  Seemed strange, but ok, I got off to work an hour late.

Then my wife comes home and tries it out.  She’s able to read email for a bit, then tries to reply to a message and it dies.  Restarts IE, dies again.

Solution: Change the DNS Settings 

So now it’s time to get serious and search the web which turned up a couple of articles pointing to problems with the DNS server settings. 

Which magically solved the problem!!!!  Essentially the solution is to change the DNS servers to ones that work better, either OpenDNS or the new ones Verizon was sending in the PPPoe message.