RFID Solutions in Pittsburgh

I hadn’t realized just how much RFID development is being done in Pittsburgh until I spent the day at the South West Pennsylvania RFID Solutions Group’s Showcase. This showcase was designed to be both a conference on the business of RFID and a showcase of RFID solutions.

What was surprising was the number of companies in Pittsburgh that are developing RFID based hardware and solutions.  Just a sampling of the companies that presented were:

ClearCount – Tracking of surgical sponges in the hospital operating room
MobileAspects – A cabinet solution for Item Management in hospitals
McKesson – An RFID enabled pharmacy picking application
Tego – High Memory Passive UHF tags
Inteligistics – RFID enabled shipping containers

The University of Pittsburgh also has the RFID Center of Excellence led by Marlin Mickle, one of the leaders in RFID technology.  This center is focused on developing RFID technology including RFID tag and antenna technology, RFID standards validation, and developing innovative RFID solutions.

In addition, through the South West Pennsylvania RFID Solutions Group,the RFID Center of Excellence, and local investment community, a whole support structure is being developed in Pittsburgh for technology adopters and new companies entering the RFID space.  This will really make an a huge difference in developing RFID solutions and making Pittsburgh a center for RFID technology.

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