Is my SmartPhone my new computer? YES!

Information Week 10/06/08

Information Week 10/06/08

Guest post from Todd Berner

Information Week put together a very interesting article as it proposes the idea that your smartphone or mobile computer is your next computer.  I think the answer is a resounding yes!

If the last 15 years in IT have taught us anything, it is that our appetite for access to information and communication is almost endless.  We want and need it immediately…right at the very moment it is generated, collected, or required for action.  It should not be separated from the task at hand no matter how trivial the task might be.

Current “smartphone” demand is focused primarily on communication (voice-driven cell phones with Windows Mobile, Blackberry, and I-Phone).  Email, texting, and mobile web access have vastly increased the means by which we communicate as well as the locations and times in which it is available.

The next challenge comes from adding meaningful information to the smartphone… enterprise applications and tools that are built not only to fit within the limits of the smaller technology (CPU, batteries, small screens, etc.), but the work flow that corresponds to the application function and the business rules established by the company.

Should be fun!

Here is the link to the article.

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