The Internet UPC Database

In a previous post I discussed how to get EAN and UPC barcode information from the Global Electronic Party Information Register (GEPIR).

This provides a great resource for the official registration for the barcode, but provides very little information about the actual item. Typically what you’d like to be able to do is scan a UPC or EAN, and then be able to provide information about the actual item.  Most important is a description of the item, size/weight, vendor, and other information.

The Internet UPC Database is a website that provides access to this type of data for almost 1,000,000 of items.  The interface is very simple, just type in your UPC or EAN number and basic information is displayed for the item.  In the case, that your items does not appear, you get an Item Not Found message and the opportunity to contribute your item to the database.

In my testing I was pleasantly surprised by the number of items in the database.  It had a lot of the items in my office, and even ones I was surprised it would know about, like this Office Depot composition book.  The data also seems to be well maintained and kept clean.

It is also possible to download the data.  However, the database is over 100MB and growing fast, so unless you have a significant application I’d just access the website directly.