Google Cloud Print – Offline (Canon MG7120)

Note:  Happened again.  Upgraded the printer firmware and started working.

Using a Chromebook and Cloud Printing and the Canon MG7120 printer claimed it has been offline for over a month even though it has been on, has a good IP address, etc.  The solution was to Re-Register the printer with Google Cloud Print and it starts printing.

To Re-Register, do the following steps:

  • Full instructions for configuring a Canon MG7120 is here –
  • The short version:
    • Click the Setup Option
    • Tap – Web service connection setup
    • Tap – Google Cloud Print setup
    • Tap – Register with Google Cloud Print, you may receive a message that the printer is already registered.  If so, say “Yes” to Re-Register.
    • Tap Next – To message Select display Language
    • Tap – English
    • Tap – OK to Perform the authentication process. Communicates to the server and prints an authentication code.
    • Go to the URL that is printed, something like this should give you a Printer Confirmation message something like:
    • Printer confirmation
      Click below to finish registration of your printer with Google Cloud Print for account
    • Click – Finish printer registration, get a message:
      Thanks, you’re ready to start!
      Your printer is now registered with Google Cloud Print.
    • On the printer – Click Complete registration, Message “Registration with Google Cloud Print completed.
    • Click – “Manage your printers” you should see the printer.
  • Checking the printer configuration.
    • In the Chrome browser, go to Settings.
    • At the bottom select “Show advanced settings”
    • Now you can see the “Google Cloud Print” options.  Select “Manage”
    • You should now be able to see the “Canon MG7100 …” printer in “My devices”  (Alternately you can go to the Printers Page.  Going to Cloud Print gives you a top level view.

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