ImageMagick – Update the Icon on a Directory of Screenshoots

Recently our company has update their logo which means that all of the screenshots of our application that we have recently done, need to be updated.  So our choice was to re-cut all the screen shots or do modified all of the screen shots.   Of course we chose to convert them all with ImageMagick.  While we were at it, we might as well crop all the images.

The goal – Convert images like this:


To images like this:NewLogoLogin

The Process:

  1. Take one new screen rip, and extract the new logo:
    convert -crop 32x32+9+51 +repage NewLogoLogin.png NewLogo.png


  2. Overlay the new image on each screen shot in the directory, and place it in to a new directory.
    mkdir new
    for %a in (*.png) DO composite -geometry +9+51 %a new\%a


  3. Crop the new images and place the in a final directory.
    mkdir final
    for %a in (*.png) DO convert -crop 320x320+8+50 %a final\%a




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