Motorola Introduces the MC17T

Motorola has recently introduced the MC17T, the long awaited successor to the MC17.  While offering the same great ergonomics of the MC17 and many new features and improvements, the key difference is the addition of a touch sensitive display.  This makes an already great customer terminal into an awesome customer terminal.

With this small change in the user interface, the application possibilities for this terminal expand exponentially.  Instead of being limited to custom applications specifically written to use the five supplied buttons, applications can use all of the windows graphical components including buttons, sliders, tab pages, etc.  And with the ability to use a virtual keypad, users can now type in short text.  All told, this is a huge step forward for application capabilities on the Motorola MC17T.

Although adding a touch screen is a huge feature, it is not all that is new.  Motorola has obviously listened to their customers to take this terminal to the next step.  The processor has been upgraded to an Intel PXA270; 32 bit; 520 MHz, the radio now also supports 802.11a, and a 1 GB SD storage card has been added to store more applications and data.

In addition to the hardware enhancements, there have been several improvements to the standard installed software.  They have added the Motorola PocketBrowser, MSP Client, and AppCenter programs.  All of which make the terminal more useful for an out-of-the box configuration.

Of these the most important is the inclusion of the Motorola PocketBrowser in the standard feature set.  With this browser and the full Internet Explorer 6.0 browser supplied with CE, the possibility of real lightweight mobile applications is becoming a reality.   Actually StepOne is currently developing a set of next generation mobile applications based on this technology that we are introducing later in the year.

With the inclusion of touch screen, a faster processor, more memory, PocketBrowser, and much more the MC17T is an ideal customer facing terminal.  All that is needed are great applications that take advantage of the terminal such as StepOne‘s Escorted Registry or next generation mobile applications.  If you are interested in the MC17T, and customer facing applications, keep StepOne in mind.

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